Franko Bozac

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 Duo Mascagni was founded in 2007 in London. Ensemble has performed throughout the United Kingdom,Russia, USA, Romania, Malta, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Over the past years, Duo Mascagni has developed a unique sense of performance style, through different kinds of repertoire such as C. Franck’s: Prelude, Fugue et Variation Op. 18, C. Saint-Saens’s Duos for Harmonium and Piano Op. 8, A. Tucapsky’s Toccata e Canzone, G. Jacob’s A Suite of Five Pieces, H. Chevallier’s Konzert and H. Valpola’s Marilina.

Duo Mascagni seeks to encourage the attention of new, young audiences by mixing the traditional concert repertoire with contemporary ones. They try to bring forth communication and interaction with its audiences, no matter of what cultural or social backgrounds they may be a part. Having investigated most of the classical repertoire for solo piano and solo accordion, Duo Mascagni is very enthusiastic to now start their research on the complex repertoire of piano and accordion as an ensemble.


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